Most Preferred Social Media Formats For Influencers

Most preferred Social Media formats for influencer marketing campaigns

Most preferred Social Media formats for influencer marketing campaigns
1. Instagram post – A well thought static Instagram post is the most preferred format for Influencer campaigns, all your posts should have meat in it to make it engaging.
Instagram Post
2. Instagram Stories – These short format has been trending ever since it was introduced, it gives full-screen experience and can in the form of static photo or video.
Most preferred social media formats for influencer marketing campaigns
3. Youtube Videos – Youtube is a video-sharing website where people from all around the world post videos. These videos are of different genres like music videos, comedy shows, how-to guides, recipes, hacks and more.
Youtube is also another set of format which is used by influencer marketing
4. Instagram Videos – Is a feature where you can post videos along with images. This feature allows users to record videos of 59 seconds. There are different types of features for videos on Instagram such as stories, live video, and direct video messaging.
Instagram video is also the most preferred format by influencer marketing
5. Blog Post – Is basically a discussion or informational website where you post an entry/article. It can include content in the form of text, photos, infographics or videos.
Blog post is one of the preferred formats by influencer marketing
6. Facebook Post – This is a message in different formats like a comment, a picture or other media that is posted on the user’s facebook page or facebook wall. Facebook posts are about invoking engagement and action. They can be as long as a paragraph or illustrated with photos and videos.
Facebook post is one of the preffered formats by influencer marketers
7. Facebook video – Videos on Facebook have shown a very high engagement rate, it’s like people just can’t watch only one video but end up watching multiple videos.
Facebook video is also one of the preffered formats for influencer marketing campaigns
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