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5 Terrible Mistakes Every Brands Make On Social Media

We have seen number of instances where brands have made mistakes on Social Media, but once is a mistake twice is a crime. We have listed the top 5 mistakes that brands make and how you should avoid them!
1. Post ads instead of content – On Social Media people would love to see great content and not boring ads, a perfect example would be @fevicol who does perfect justice to each and every post. Posting meaningful content will help attract attention, generate leads and eventually sales.
Mistakes brands make on social media
2. Work without creating a plan – Everything that you do on Social Media needs to have a plan, a definite objective. Do not be active on Social Media just for the heck of it, be there for a reason. Having a plan of action helps crystallize an objective and makes it much easier to reach the goal.
Social media brand problem 2 - not creating a business plan
3. Ignoring competition – Ignoring competition is not as good as it seems, for example, imagine you ignore your competition and a month before you are about to launch your new product your competitor beats you to it. Focusing on your competitors will give you time to react and also learn from their mistakes.
Social media brand problem 3 - Ignoring competition
4. Not replying to comments – Brands sometimes make mistakes of not replying to the comments made by their followers. It puts some brands in a bad light, the advantages of replying to comments shows that the brand values your opinions, it adds to the quality of the posts, it adds more social proof and also builds authority and credibility.
Social media brand problem 4 Not replying to comments
5. buying fake fans/followers – Buying fake followers will not only get you quantity but will also make your brand lose integrity. If you have legitimate fans anyone taking a close look at your follower list and they can find the stretch of fake and inactive accounts. when you take shortcuts you put your brand’s name at risk. It is advisable to grow your followers the honest way by crafting a thoughtful strategy and setting smart goals, sharing great content and engaging with your audience.
Social media brand problem buying followers

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