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7 Perfect ‘Link In The Bio’ To Boost Your Instagram Profile

Instagram, being one of the most widely used social media platforms, people often wish to make it the most representative platform of their organization/company. However, the feature of placing only one link in the bio of Instagram, makes it a hard nut to crack for organizations that wish to display all the potential they acquire. Several websites came into existence to tackle this problem and make it hassle-free for people who wish to put multiple links in the bio of their Instagram. Now, with just one click you will be directed to all your company updates, thereby, keeping your followers up-to-date, without changing it every time you wish to promote something new on your Instagram channel.
Several tools help you to make this process easier. Some of them are: is a free tool which helps you to optimize your internet presence. With one link all your stored content would be visible to your viewers, enabling them to check out what they find interesting, informative and trending. Along with the free plan, they have paid/pro plan as well. Paid plan costs 6$ per month. Free plan offers basic features which include: Unlimited links, Number of times each link has been clicked, Themes. While the PRO plan includes: day-to-day breakdown of link traffic, access to your team to manage your Linktree and links, customization of your Linktree colors and button styles, changing title of your Linktree, scheduling time of your links to go live-in-live with scheduled posts, retargeting your Linktree visitors on Facebook and Instagram by adding your Facebook Pixel ID. is a Brainbow product. It is an absolutely free tool. It is available for free with all the desired features and also provides multiple themes. Its user-friendly interface makes it preferable for individuals. It’s simple, free, attractive and efficient for those who wish to explore and experience this tool. It creates a customizable page where unlimited links can be stored and viewed anytime. This way your followers will not miss out on important updates. Several features are soon to be added in the near future.
Being absolutely free, has classic features which include: Single Link- Multiple Destinations, Real-Time Analytics, Profile Customisation, User-Friendly, Works Everywhere, YouTube Embed, Lead Capture, Link Scheduling, Link Animation, Link Redirect, Custom Thumbnails. Save your money and grow your brand/business slowly but surely with some premium features. Let your followers be aware of all the important content of your business and therefore keep them up-to-date with your on-going events on one simple link. is an easy way to allow your followers to share all their social media profiles and important links with just one URL. It has 4 plans. The “Free Plan” includes Random, Unique URL, and Unlimited Links. “PRO Monthly Plan” costs $ 0.99 month. It includes- Custom URL, Unlimited Links, Link Tracking & Stats, and Email Support. “PRO Lifetime Plan” costs $ 9.99 lifetime. It includes- Customised URL, Unlimited Links, and Link Tracking & Stats. “PRO White-Label Plan” costs $ 24.99 lifetime. It include: Everything from PRO, Feature to Remove Lnk.Bio Logo, and Remove Lnk.Bio Footer.
With, you can create your own meaningful link in bio today for free. Thousands of people use bio as a simple way to build their own personal website in seconds. This tool is free of cost and it is super easy to use. You can easily import all your crucial content here and thereby, increase your viewers and ultimately move towards your final goal: increase your followers. Your bio works with blocks. You can choose from different options to import your content. Dragging blocks up and down helps to adjust your profile. Its supreme feature magically updates, i.e., automatically show your latest posts and videos on your bio. You won’t need to do any heavy lifting – just choose to display the latest media and you’re good to go with a single click!


Unlike all the other tools, serves as a platform to Increase Sales, Boost Interactions, Run Contests, Collect Leads, Gather UGC, and Send Emails. It’s more border in terms of what it provides to its users. It provides complete customization and more. With the help of templates that are available, users can easily add multiple Instagram bio links. All you have to do is design your landing page and finally get your URL that you can add it to your Instagram account. Shortstack does not limit itself to Instagram. It can be used to create landing pages on other social media platforms like blog or website, run polls, and add landing pages to your Facebook Page and so on. Shortstack comes with a “Free Plan” as well as “Other Plans” which start from $29 per month with more refined features as compared to the Free Plan which offers basic features.


On, you can get started with a “Free Plan” and later, upgrade to a “Pro Plan” which costs 7$ per month with more features if you wish to expand your business/brand reach. The Free Plan has all the basic features which includes: Unlimited links, complete control of your Campsite branding, includes variety of colors and fonts, enables you change the title of your Campsite and add an intro, track how many times your links have been clicked, connect with Instagram for images on your links, add your social accounts to your Campsite, pin links to the top of your link list, archive and restore links, design custom carousel images with Canva. The Pro Plan includes- all of the free features along with- use of a custom domain like, full-control over your Campsite Metadata with a custom image, title, and description, links can be scheduled to go live along with your other content, day-by-day breakdown of your link and social link clicks can be tracked, profile visitors with Facebook Pixel or Google Adwords can be re-targeted, provides a detailed view of your traffic with Google Analytics integration, helps to grow your email list with MailChimp and Google Sheets Integration, allows a 14-day trial so you could cancel anytime and many more.


Some other websites include-,,,, ContactIn.Bio,,,, and


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