Social Media Mastery Course

What will you learn in our Digital Marketing course?

Facebook Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Creative & Animation making
Instagram Marketing - Running of Ads and creating compelling content
Linkedin Marketing
Linkedin Marketing
Influencer Marketing with Social Media
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media Ads

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"In Future, the one who doesn't know Social Media Marketing will be out of business"

A wise professor who doens't wish to be named

Program Description

This is a comprehensive course aimed to help you with Social media marketing.

Course Content

This course will help business owners, working professionals or students to understand all the nitty-gritties of Social media marketing and how to increase sales and business using this enormous powerful platform. If you’ve ever been curious about what the big bad world of Social media marketing is all about, this Course is for you.

  1. Understanding Digital Landscape for Start-ups.
  2. How to use Facebook & Instagram to generate business leads.
  3. Finding the right target customers through demographic targeting on Social platforms.
  4. How to effectively run campaigns with existing leads and targeting them with compelling content using Facebook & Instagram.
  5. Proven Sales strategies using Facebook & instagram ads
  6. How to use advanced targeting such as Facebook Pixel and custom audiences to retarget and reaching out to existing customers using Social media
  7. How to make a part time income after learning skillset of Social media marketing and running profitable Facebook & Instagram ad campaign
  8. Using third party secret tools to spy on competition
  9. How to guide your agency to manage social media campaign for your brand.
  10. Interesting innovations in Social media and case studies.
  11. How to use Linkedin and Instagram to grow your brand as well
  12. How to use Linkedin for personal branding
  13. Using Twitter for organic reach and advocacy
  14. Power of hashtags and how to leverage them effectively
  15. Making creatives without knowing Photoshop or Corel Draw
  16. How to make a winning Social Media plan

Fee breakup

150 Singapore dollars